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Nov 19, 2014

by Anastasia Apa

The secret to finding a political or non-profit job is almost a secret. Early in my career I experienced difficulty finding political campaign jobs. I didn’t know what websites to go to or who to speak to, what kinds of jobs would be available, or what prospective employers were looking for when making hiring decisions. There were other things I didn’t know, lots of other things.


Nov 9, 2014

by Anastasia Apa 4 Nov 2014

Raising money under pressure, during an election especially, means there isn’t much time for organizing. We will have several blogs about how to best organize a fundraising operation, but here, find information about how to shut down your finance operation professionally.

These are my top five post Election-Day #Fundraising Tips. I learned through years of managing political campaigns and serving as a lead fundraiser since 2002 just how important


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