Five Post-ElectionDay #FundraisingTips, Win or Lose

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Raising money under pressure, during an election especially, means there isn’t much time for organizing. We will have several blogs about how to best organize a fundraising operation, but here, find information about how to shut down your finance operation professionally.

These are my top five post Election-Day #Fundraising Tips. I learned through years of managing political campaigns and serving as a lead fundraiser since 2002 just how important

1. Win or lose, get some rest. Take a day off and permanently reduce work hours. You are tired and as difficult as it is to go from working 18-hour days to working 6-hour days, it is important to approach shut down of the finance operation with a more rested mind.

2. Don’t throw anything away. NOTHING, DO NOT throw anything away, seriously, nothing. Get rid of the garbage can. Ok, you get the point. Now, create post its or signs of piles to sort callsheets into, ie data entry, file, shred. Sort all of your callsheets, pieces of paper, notes into neat piles. Account for what you have and prepare binders for sheets of donors who gave, who pledged and did not pay the pledge (and didn’t make a contribution) and a Shut Down Finance Binder.

Email me for specifics on what a Shut Down Finance Binder contains.

3. Do the data entry. Don’t be lazy about data entry. Creating a record – an electronic footprint of your finance operation – is key to future fundraising strength. Create a notation to show that the info was successfully entered into your database and file the material.

4. Label everything clearly. Use permanent markers, manila folders, green hanging folders, paper clips, staples, binder clips and post-its to label physical files. Use campaign name, information description, and dates of creation to label electronic files. Place electronic files inside of neatly labeled folders inside of one big folder names with the campaign and year; add it to an external drive.

5. Thank your donors. Win or lose, send out a personal message, printed ($200 plus) and email versions (less than $200). Create a donor listing for the candidate or campaign representatives to dial through to personally call and thank higher dollar donors. Thanking donors is important to maintaining strong donor-relations.

For more #FundraisingTips visit our Twitter page. Call or email us for other fundraising help.

Thanks, Apa

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